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The Heebie-Jeebies

Posted on September 29th | by The Beat in Aging, Cardiovascular, Nursing Talk, Students, The Beat.
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Meet Heebie and Jeebie, the little dolls in the photo here, who we stumbled upon in a little shop in Victor, Colo., a cool old mining/ghost town on the rebound.

The dolls were made by a local artisan, were cheap, and … Read More »

The brick wall that almost kept me from geriatric nursing

Posted on September 27th | by hinoue6 in Accelerated, Admissions, Aging, New, Students.
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Going into my 5th week of nursing school, I am not a person knowledgeable enough to give advice about how to get into nursing school or how to survive it. However, I did want to take this opportunity to share … Read More »

What brought you to nursing?

Posted on September 21st | by Stephanie Olmanni in Accelerated, Students.
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For years, I enthusiastically perused the various Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing blogs, trying to capture a glimpse into the lives of the current students. I wondered if I, a right-brained musician who was abominably horrid at high school … Read More »

The Association of Student Parents: A Resource for YOU

Posted on September 8th | by Tia, BS Fall '14 in Accelerated, Students.
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Student Parent…sounds sort of like an oxymoron. You see them all around but may not realize it unless you catch a peek at his iPad background image or her lucky kid-krafted bracelet.  Some may seem slightly preoccupied, but most are … Read More »