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The Association of Student Parents: A Resource for YOU

Posted on September 8th | by Tia, BS Fall '14 in Accelerated, Students.
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Student Parent…sounds sort of like an oxymoron. You see them all around but may not realize it unless you catch a peek at his iPad background image or her lucky kid-krafted bracelet.  Some may seem slightly preoccupied, but most are … Read More »

Don’t Get Down and Give In; Go Through and Look Up!

Posted on August 29th | by Tia, BS Fall '14 in Accelerated, Students.
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Disney’s Toy Story 3 was the very first movie we’ve ever owned  for our kids. Our now 4 year old absolutely loved the opening Train Hero scene and went ballistic every time he watched Buzz and Woody save the day! … Read More »

TIPS by tia

Posted on August 27th | by Tia, BS Fall '14 in Accelerated, Students.
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I attended 3 Open Houses at The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing over the span of five years before I gathered the courage to apply. When I finally applied and returned for Accepted Students Day and New … Read More »

The Blood Runs Cold

Posted on August 14th | by The Beat in Cardiovascular, Nursing Talk, Public Health, The Beat.
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Ever been turned away from a blood-donation center? It’s humiliating. No, that word doesn’t quite capture the feeling. Everybody in the room has read the list of reasons you can be refused as a donor and — nasty little creatures … Read More »