Rich Discussions and Personal Connections in Beijing

Posted on August 7th | by Dr. Nancy Hodgson in Faculty, SON on the Go.
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A striking transformation happens each summer in a small classroom in Beijing.  We begin the first day of a weeklong workshop facing a painfully quiet group of students staring at the floor.  We end a busy week with group hugs, … Read More »

Cardiovascular health is a global priority

Posted on July 14th | by Dean Patricia Davidson in Cardiovascular, Faculty, Nursing Talk.
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Epidemiological transitions have signaled the need to not just focus on infectious diseases but also non-communicable diseases. This is a new paradigm in global health, which has traditionally been geared towards the management of infectious diseases. It has also expanded … Read More »

Supreme Court Backs Care Act and, by Extension, Nurses

Posted on June 26th | by Dean Patricia Davidson in Faculty, Nursing Talk, Policy.
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The Supreme Court decision in King v Burwell is good news for so many, it’s hard to know where to begin. Regardless of political persuasion, it is hard to deny that providing increased access to health care is a good … Read More »

Run Nancy Run!

Posted on June 18th | by Evi, MSN-PNP Candidate in Congo, Faculty, Nursing Talk, Public Health, SON on the Go.
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Dr. Nancy Glass has finished the 7 Day 7 Marathon race in the Congo. We look forward to hearing about her stories and experiences of this amazing adventure. We have lived vicariously through her, following the run online through Facebook … Read More »

Nurses as Essential Personnel

Posted on May 6th | by Dean Patricia Davidson in Baltimore, Faculty, Nursing Talk, Public Health, SON on the Go, The Beat.
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For most people, fear is a survival instinct. For nurses, it’s an “on” switch.

Fear reminds us of what a key role nurses play in times of crisis. Nurses are the pillars of strength in shaky situations. The suffering, the lost, … Read More »

Movers and Shakers

Posted on April 13th | by The Beat in Aging, Cardiovascular, Faculty, Public Health, Students, The Beat.
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When it comes to interprofessional education, the conga line usually forms behind Elizabeth “Ibby” Tanner. So it’s no surprise to see her out front again, leading an interprofessional troupe of students in the annual Geriatric Interest Group’s Senior Prom (and … Read More »

A Nice View

Posted on March 10th | by Dean Patricia Davidson in Faculty, Nursing Talk.
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Sincere congratulations to the top-ranked schools of nursing on U.S. News & World Report’s Best Graduate Schools list for 2016. It is exciting to find ourselves among you once again, and we look forward to remaining so as the rankings … Read More »

Ebola: Nurses on the Front Line

Posted on October 20th | by Cynda Rushton in Faculty, Nursing Talk, Public Health.
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The Ebola outbreak has evoked widespread fear and serious ethical concerns for nurses, and all health care workers.  Given the uncertainty surrounding Ebola’s treatment and transmission, nurses are understandably concerned about how to weigh their personal risks with their professional … Read More »

Public Health Nursing in St. Croix – Who, what, when

Posted on May 16th | by S.M.I.L.E. St. Croix Public Health Group in Accelerated, Faculty, Public Health, SON on the Go, St. Croix, Students.
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Nursing students from the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing are providing public health nursing interventions in St. Croix from May 15 to May 27, 2014.

The group consists of nine students, 8 BS and 1 graduate student, and one clinical … Read More »

Onward and Upward

Posted on April 14th | by The Beat in Baltimore, Faculty, SON on the Go, The Beat.
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“The bunker” is a room just off the helipad atop the Sheikh Zayed Tower at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Its windows offer a breathtaking view onto the helipad from which rescue choppers do their lifesaving thing, transporting patients, vital organs, … Read More »

Rocking the Cradle or the Boat?

Posted on October 7th | by The Beat in Aging, Baltimore, Faculty, Nursing Talk, The Beat.

There was much that was good about the Summer 2013 issue of Johns Hopkins Nursing magazine, if I do say so myself. (I currently serve as its editor, so I do.) One was that it made deadline, for which many … Read More »

Bullying: Broken Heart, Renewed Commitment

Posted on October 3rd | by Dean Patricia Davidson in Faculty, Nursing Talk, The Beat.
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I walked out of my Baltimore apartment on a Saturday morning in September. The sun was shining, the harbor looked fabulous, and I could not see a lot wrong in the world. I sat down for my breakfast and looked … Read More »