Nurses—They’re Stressed

Posted on April 26th | by Hopkins Nursing in Faculty, New.
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It doesn’t make the news as one of the “Top 10” most stressful jobs, and yet research consistently shows just how stressful the profession of nursing really is. So much so that 24 percent of ICU nurses and 14 percent … Read More »

Preemies Need Breast Milk, Too

Posted on April 25th | by Hopkins Nursing in Faculty.
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Business Insider released an article titled, “Good pumping routine key to giving preemies breast milk.” The focus of this article is around a study conducted in the U.K. regarding the importance of breastfeeding and how preemie babies do not have the strength … Read More »

Legacy: Living and Coming of Age Inside the Redline

Posted on April 8th | by Hopkins Nursing in Baltimore, Faculty, Students.
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Wednesday night was the first of four discussions for the Red-Lining Baltimore series focused on racism and neighborhood policies in Baltimore, sponsored by the 21st Century Cities initiative. Johns Hopkins had a strong presence at the event as the following people were … Read More »

Australia and the U.S. Collaborate to Combat Violence Against Women

Posted on April 5th | by Hopkins Nursing in Faculty.
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Last week, leaders from The University of Melbourne and Johns Hopkins School of Nursing participated on a panel at the Australian Embassy to discuss how they are using technology to combat violence against women in their countries and globally.

The event featured … Read More »

Fluent in Human

Posted on March 31st | by Hopkins Nursing in Faculty, New.
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Is a little knowledge actually dangerous?

I get asked this question a lot when I tell people that I teach Medical Spanish to learners who have never taken a Spanish class before. The literature is filled with anecdotes about how one … Read More »

Keeping the Spirit Alive

Posted on March 21st | by Hopkins Nursing in Faculty.
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Working at Johns Hopkins and reviewing our history is a poignant reminder of the vision, passion, and risk taking that is needed to drive healthcare reform. As we struggle with our challenges and also seize our opportunities, I look to … Read More »

“Everything Oncology”

Posted on March 10th | by Hopkins Nursing in Faculty.
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OncLive is a website including “everything oncology,” which broadcasts to several publications providing oncology professionals with resources and information they need to provide the best patient care. JHSON is very excited to announce that OncLive has recently added them to … Read More »

Being a Nurse Practitioner in Florida

Posted on March 2nd | by Hopkins Nursing in Faculty, Nursing Talk, Public Health.
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One of the great things about nurse practitioners is that they can prescribe controlled substances… Or can they?

Gail Sadler is a nurse practitioner that has a private practice in Carollwood, FL, but she isn’t allowed to write prescriptions for controlled … Read More »

Dean Patricia Davidson Addresses Diversity in Community Health and Nursing Workforce

Posted on February 25th | by Hopkins Nursing in Faculty.
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Endowed Chair for Community Health

Furthering the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing’s commitment to community health, Dean Patricia Davidson has designated the Elsie M. Lawler Endowed Chair—now filled by Phyllis Sharps, PhD, RN, FAAN—to focus specifically on the needs of the Baltimore … Read More »

Rich Discussions and Personal Connections in Beijing

Posted on August 7th | by Dr. Nancy Hodgson in Faculty, SON on the Go.
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A striking transformation happens each summer in a small classroom in Beijing.  We begin the first day of a weeklong workshop facing a painfully quiet group of students staring at the floor.  We end a busy week with group hugs, … Read More »

Cardiovascular health is a global priority

Posted on July 14th | by Dean Patricia Davidson in Cardiovascular, Faculty, Nursing Talk.
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Epidemiological transitions have signaled the need to not just focus on infectious diseases but also non-communicable diseases. This is a new paradigm in global health, which has traditionally been geared towards the management of infectious diseases. It has also expanded … Read More »

Supreme Court Backs Care Act and, by Extension, Nurses

Posted on June 26th | by Dean Patricia Davidson in Faculty, Nursing Talk.
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The Supreme Court decision in King v Burwell is good news for so many, it’s hard to know where to begin. Regardless of political persuasion, it is hard to deny that providing increased access to health care is a good … Read More »